About Us

Who We Are

IsenseTek Technology Inc. was founded in Taiwan in 2013 as a professional wireless low energy solution design and minufacturing company.

The core technology know-how in RF, and R&D included FW / HW / SW, Maunfacturing,  and Marketing of the wireless electronic products.


Business philosophy

Quality / Environment policy / HSF policy Promise to meet the demand, to continuously improve effciency in quality management system. Comply with govenment regulation, zero casualty, pollution and spoilage reduction, energy conservation. The foundation of enterprise development comes along with talented employees.

Core Values

  • With a proactive attitude, have the courage to accept challenges, not just be responsible, complete what you promise, take full responsibility for the final results, strive for the final result before making a decision, respect the decision after making a decision, implement it, and aim at the final goal, even if there is force majeure I will never show the attitude that I have fulfilled my responsibilities. I still have to explain the reasons, provide explanations, try to solve them, and achieve my goals.
Mutual Trust and Collaboration
  • Considering the best interests of the company, establish a working atmosphere of mutual assistance and mutual trust. The purpose of its collaboration is to create company and customer value, focus on teamwork, in order to meet customer needs more quickly and make oneself more valuable.
Innovation and Execution
  • Innovation is the source of growth, and execution is the source of change. What we pursue is comprehensive, covering strategy, marketing, management, product, technology, service, business model and other aspects of innovation.
Learning and Growh
  • Bring the knowledge and skills required for daily operations to individuals and companies with a hard-working attitude; through continuous self-improvement, and then enhance the ability to take responsibility, can we maintain adaptability and competitiveness, and promote growth.